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      "We Don't Stop Dancing Because We Grow Old, We Grow Old Because We Stop Dancing"      


**Tap N Burn** 

Mar.Apr. -8 week Session

Starts March 6th


Level I Beginners                Tues.6:45-7:30PM

Level II Intermediate               Wed. 11:30 AM

Level III Int./Adv.               Mon. 8:00-8:45PM



Cost:            $70 per 8 week session plus

                            $10 yearly registration fee 

  Drop-in rate:   $12 per class 


Announcing America's Most Creative Fitness Concept


Dancing strengthens and tones muscles and provides a healthy workout for the heart, cardiovascular system and lungs. Basic or beginning tap dancing burns about 400 calories per hour (and 3,000-4,000 steps per class). Because Tap-N-Burn© is more aerobic and offers continual movement, the calories burned per hour can at times double, depending on the level of the class.

Because of the shifting of weight, tap dancing improves our balance. As dancers learn to balance our bodies in numerous positions, we strengthen our stabilizer muscles that help us maintain balance. After just a few classes, we will also notice an increase in flexibility. Tap dancing offers concentrated exercise and muscle development to the legs. PLUS tap dancing is so much FUN! We are all different ages, shapes and sizes and our classes are conducted in a fun and friendly environment.

It’s never too late to start tapping!


 Check out Tap N Burn on the Steve Harvey Show!




                    **CIZE LIVE **

                      Mar./Apr. -8 week Session 

                    Begins  Thurs. March 9th

 All levels               Thurs. 7:45-8:30pm


Cost:                    $70 per 8 week session

                           $10 yearly registration fee 

Drop-in rate:         $12 per class


                     **CIZE LIVE**

  It's Dance. It's Sweat.

  It's the future of exercise!

CIZE live is professional dance for everyday people.  This is not one of those dance workouts where you will just shuffle your feet to the beat.  Created by Shaun T, the world-famous choreographer and fitness trainer, CIZE live breaks down professionally choreographed dance routines, step-by-step, so that anyone can dance!  It's so fun, so exciting, it doesn't feel like a workout - but it will burn serious calories like one. 



                         **Fosse with a Twist **

              Mar/Apr.. -8 week Session Begins 

               Wed. March 8th

All levels                  Wed. 8:00-8:45pm


Cost:                        $70 per 8 week session

                                                    $10 yearly registration fee

Drop in rate:           $12 per class

            **Fosse with a Twist**

A whole new way to get fit with Jazz dancing & exploring all genre of music from Burlesque to Broadway, Bog Band to Motown & more.  Besides burning calories and slimming down this class will give you the cardio workout, toning, increased balance and coordination drills, plus so much more.  Dance as if no one is watching & have fun with your friends, gain better health!  



 ** "Street Groove"**  Adult Hip Hop 

                         8 week session 

             Mar./Apr.     Begins Tues. March 8th

All Levels                      8:15- 9 pm

Cost:                       $70 per 8 week session

                             $10 yearly registration fee


Drop-in rate             $12 per class

"Street Groove" is Hip Hop Style for Adults.  Breakin' down the moves for the most inexperienced, in a comfortable, non-challenging atmosphere.  Using the latest, up & coming hits on the charts.


             **Ballet Stretch & Tone**

   Mar./Apr.8 Week Session           Begins Wed. March 8th

All Levels                      7:00-7:45pm

Cost:                       $70 per 8 week session

                             $10 yearly registration fee


Drop-in rate             $12 per class


       **Ballet Stretch & Tone**

is a fusion style conditioning program, designed for the non-dancer blending training techniques drawn from ballet. Ballet Stretch & Tone offers a fun, invigorating workout to develop core strength, muscular endurance, dynamic balance and flexibility, without the use of gym equipment!



     **Sittercise/Aging Backwards**

          8- Week Session Nov./Dec.  

             Begins Mon. March 6th

All Levels                       11:30am- 12:15

Cost:                        $60 per 8 week session

                              $10 yearly registration fee

Drop-in rate:           $12 per class

  **Sittercise/Aging Backwards**

Physical fitness involve the performance of the heart, lunges and muscles.  This class addresses the five major components of physical fitness, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility, body composition and cardiovascular endurance.  This program is a blend of sitting and standing activities along with toning, stretching and balancing activities that burn calories incorporating resistance bands and light weights and various hand held props all set to music for the mature adult.

Dance Centers does this program at many Berks County Senior Retirement Centers and Assisted Living facilities. 


  • "Took it cause it is a fun way to work up a sweat. Tired of the same old aerobics classes. It's fun tapping with all the girls and burning calories."
    Tap N Burn
  • "Feeling tired Need a lift Decided to give my life a turn Days now better Energy to spare Due to class of Tap N Burn"
    Mary Ruth

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