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Quotes Took it cause it is a fun way to work up a sweat. Tired of the same old aerobics classes. It's fun tapping with all the girls and burning calories. Quotes
Tap N Burn

Quotes Feeling tired Need a lift Decided to give my life a turn Days now better Energy to spare Due to class of Tap N Burn Quotes
Mary Ruth

Quotes I saw the Tap N Burn newspaper article and I knew that was for me. I tried gyms and just wasn't sophisticated enough and I got nothing out of it. I tap danced as a young girl and this class brought back old memories and now new ones are forming. Michele is very patient with us gals and all in the class, whether experienced or not, get the benefit of dance, exercise, and meeting pals all in one. She should patent this exercise! It is nice to watch it grow! Quotes
Liz K

Quotes I hate to exercise, but I love to dance! Over the years I have spent countless dollars on gym memberships and fitness classes. None of them were enjoyable, most were torturous! All were abandoned, but Tap N Burn is the best! I get a great workout doing something I have always wanted to do, tap dance and make noise! I can't wait for each week to roll around! Quotes
Kathy M.

Quotes In the late 1940's parents could not afford to send their children to tap or ballet classes. The neighbor girls that took lessons taught us a few steps so that we could put on shows during the summer. We charged everyone a penny and had a great time, of course the non-dancers were without shoes and had old costumes. But that didn't bother us, we danced anyway, it was great fun and a memory never to be forgotten. Well! When I saw the article, Dec. 8, 2011, I called my dear friend Mary Ruth, and off we went to Tap N Burn class. Not always in step, but breaking a sweat, Oh yes! Wearing tap shoes, making noise, and meeting other tappers what fun! Somewhere inside me that little girl is saying "Yes! Yes! all things come to those who wait and when you least expect it." Thanks Michele, love your class! Quotes
Elaine S.

Quotes For more than 50 years, the tap dancer in me has been longing to emerge. Tap N Burn allows me to shuffle, slap, and ball change to great music like the dancer I always wanted to be. The fact that it's also a great workout that burns tons of calories is just icing on the cake! Quotes
Lynne B

Quotes I was looking for a fun way to get exercise, when I saw the newspaper article. I tried a class to see if I could manage the steps, and fount that I love it. It's a challenge, but also exhilarating. The class flies by and is filled with the nicest women you could meet. It's something I really look forward to that I do just for myself. Quotes
Bev B.
Tap N Burn

Quotes I saw the article in Reading Eagle, and enjoyed dance as a young girl into my high school years, then went on with other life plans, marriage, family, jobs, etc. Now in my 60's it is time for "me" again. I thought Tap N Burn would be a fun way to get that needed cardio-exercise, doing something I always enjoyed, and besides there is NO PRESSURE just a fun 45 minuites of constant stepping and sweating. Quotes
Lana W.
Tap N Burn

Quotes I joined the Tap N Burn class because I wanted to get back into tap again, but didn't want the pressure of having to prepare for a recital. I also wanted to get back to exercising with something fun. The Tap N Burn class accomplishes both my goals. We have lots of fun, learn a few new tap steps, and work up a sweat. It doesn't matter if I don't completely get a step right. The main thing is to keep moving and have a great time. Mission accomplished! Quotes
Renee T

Quotes Having danced for 21 years (many years ago...) and after relocating to Reading, I was looking for a way to get back into tap, but didn't know where to start to look for a studio. When I saw the news article in the paper I couldn't wait to call sign up immediately! This class has not only given me aerobic exercise, but I once again am making music with my feet. It not only helps my body, my mind, but it has hit my soul!!! I so look forward to each Wednesday night class and can't imagine giving up spending those 45 minutes with Michele!! My only wish is that I could tap more nights of each week... Quotes
Eileen M.
Tap N Burn