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We don't just TEACH dance!

Dance Attire - We have a uniform just like sports

Dancers will not be allowed to participate in class without proper dance attire including shoes.

Failure to wear required dancewear and shoes to class will result in the student being asked to sit out of class.
Repeated offenses can result in termination of dance lesson.

NO Street wear, Jeans, Boxer Shorts, Sleep Wear Pants or Fad clothing, Belly shirts, Sweat or Oversized T-shirts.

Dance wear may be purchased at:  Dance Boutique (in Temple 610-921-2263), Walmart, K-mart, Payless Shoes.


Children classes ages 2 through 8 taking a combination Tap, Ballet, Tumble bear Gym/Acrobatic are required to have:

                      1. Black patent leather tap shoes, NOT the leather oxford lace up  shoe. 

                                             Students age 2 & 3 DO NOT need tap shoes.

                      2. Pink leather ballet slippers DO NOT get the Isotoner's  bed slippers.

                       3. Any color or style dance body suit. Tights optional


Kidz Hop & Jr. Jammin I-Black Ballet slippers  

                      Level II - Black Jazz Shoes    (NO HIP HOP SNEAKERS)

                     Adv. Hip Hop -Black Hip Hop Sneakers


“Tumblebear Gym- Dance Body wear, Sneakers

“ABC, 1-2-3 Sports For Little Ones”Playwear, Sneakers


All Acrobatic levels- NO SHOES, any color dance body suit




Students age 9 through teens & adults-   taking Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop or Acrobatics & 8 week session classes are required to have:

 Beginner Tap dancers- Black patent leather tap shoes (not leather oxford shoe)

Intermediate Tap dancers- Bloch brand with buckle (see office for style)

Advance Tap dancers- Capezio or Bloch Oxford tap shoe (see office for style)

Adults Tap dancers & Tap N Burn- style of your choice for comfort.

Beginner Jazz-  ages 8 to 10 - Black Split sole jazz shoe

Beginner Hip Hop ages - 11 & up- Black split sole jazz shoe

Adult Street Groove & CIZE Live- Workout clothing, Sneakers

Ballet Classes - Pink split sole ballet slippers, any color leotard & tights

Ballet Stretch & Tone- Workout clothing & Pink ballet slippers

All That Jazz & Fosse with a Twist- Workout clothing, Jazz Shoes

Sittercize/Aging Backwards- Comfortable clothing, Sneakers

Boys Classes- Gym style shorts or sweat pants and fitted t-shirt. Black dance shoes, style depends on subject taking, Please ask before purchasing


 Jewelry - Should be kept to a minimum and small in size.

Hair - styled neatly and pulled away from face.


Failure to wear required dance wear and shoes to class can result in the student being asked to sit out of class. Repeated offense can result in termination of dance lessons.     All appropriate dancewear & shoes must be obtained by end of September!      


  • "Took it cause it is a fun way to work up a sweat. Tired of the same old aerobics classes. It's fun tapping with all the girls and burning calories."
    Tap N Burn
  • "Feeling tired Need a lift Decided to give my life a turn Days now better Energy to spare Due to class of Tap N Burn"
    Mary Ruth

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